Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player

What is Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is one kind of media player out of quite a few. Windows Media Player is developed by Microsoft and was first released years ago in 1991. Windows Media Player is used to play video and audio as well as view images. This media player runs on the Windows Operating System but can also run on some mobile devices.

What can I do with Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player allows you to view images and to play video and audio on your personal computer as it features full media management. With Windows Media Player you can play and listen to digital media files, organize collections of digital media, burn your favorite music onto CDs, sync digital files to portable music players, and even rip music from DVDs and CDs.

As well as doing all of this, you can use Windows Media Player to shop for digital music from the available online stores. It is simple to create playlists and listen to them on multiple electronic devices.

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There are some fun functions with Windows Media Player. For example, you can have visualizations running while listening to music. You can also connect, sync and share data with video game console, which can be very useful. Media can be streamed both to and from game consoles such as XBox, and Playstations. The recent version of Windows Media Player has enhanced playback features that make viewing media even better.

Why should I use Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is easy to install and use. Its user-friendly graphical interface makes it a fun and intuitive program for everyone to use. With all the media management functions available, there is very little, if not any, functions that one would want to do that Windows Media Player could not support. Windows Media Player is also available and supported on mobile devices, including Apple devices, which is a big plus for the program.