Windows Media Player For Podcasts

Windows Media Player For Podcasts

What is Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is an easy to use and intuitive interface that allows users to perform many tasks. These tasks include: play and listen to digital media files, burn CDS of favorite songs, rip songs from CDs, organize digital media collections, shop for online digital media content as well as sync media files that are digital to portable music players.

What can I do with Windows Media Player?

With Windows Media Player, you can listen all different kinds of digital media files, not just music. One other type of digital media files that you can listen to using Windows Media Player is podcasts.

Podcasts are digital files that are episodic series of video, PDF, ePub or audio files that the user subscribes to and downloads. In order to use podcasts on Windows Media Player, you first must download the podcast episode you would like to listen to. Launch Windows Media Player and add the downloaded file to the library so you can play it.

You can also add a setting to Windows Media Player and your podcast receiver so you can download new podcasts automatically as they become available. This option is useful as you can always have a podcast ready to listen if you subscribe to a few podcasts.Podcast - Media Play - 2

Recording your own podcasts is something that many people enjoy doing as well. You cannot use Windows Media Player to record the podcast but once you have it recorded, you can play it back on Windows Media Player to make sure it recorded correctly. This can help you get comfortable with the podcast recording equipment as well as your style and voice.

Why should I use Windows Media Player?

One of the advantages of using Windows Media Player for listening to podcasts is that it has been touted as being faster than other media players. Many people say that upon start-up and playing the podcast, Windows Media Player lacks some of the delays that other media players have.  You can also use Windows Media Player to listen to podcasts on other devices, besides your computer. You can listen to podcasts on iPods, laptops, smartphones, video game consoles – anything you can put Windows Media Player on.