WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

What is WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp Messenger is a popular instant messaging service for smartphones. This cross-platform subscription service uses the internet for its communication. What’s App was founded in 2009 in the United States. WhatsApp Messenger’s popularity has risen significantly in a short period of time and there are currently more than 200 hundred million users that are active.

What can I do with WhatsApp Messenger?

With all of the features that WhatsApp offers, it is understandable how it has been in the top twenty of all apps in the U.S. App Store in the past few years. It is a readily accessible service as the software is available for Android, Apple iOS, selected Nokia series systems, Microsoft Windows Phone and Blackberry.

The WhatsApp Messenger service is a cross platform app for mobile messaging. Using this app, you can exchange messages without the cost of sending and receiving texts.

WhatsApp is not just about texting. Users can also send images, audio and video media messages to each other. They can also report their location using the integrated mapping features in WhatsApp. Users can send unlimited images as well as audio and video media messages. Messages can be sent to individuals or messaging groups can be created. 

Once you have installed the WhatsApp application, the service will create a user account that uses your phone number as the Instant Messaging - Whats App - 2username. It then will automatically compare all the phone number is the device’s address book with the WhatsApp database of users. It will then automatically add contacts to your WhatsApp contact list.

Why should I use WhatsApp?

One strength of WhatsApp Messenger is that it uses your data plan so there is no cost to message each other. This is beneficial for those users who do not have an unlimited texting plan – they can just send WhatsApp messages instead of texts. Another benefit is WhatsApp’s accessibility. The app is supported on almost all of the newer models of Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Nokia smartphones. WhatsApp is also very easy to use. Multimedia messages are easily sent – just upload the video, image or audio file you want to share and send it to one or more of your contacts.