What is Publisher?

Publisher is a software application from Microsoft and was first released in 1991. Microsoft Publisher is marketed as an entry level desktop publishing software program. It has been compared to Microsoft Word however, it differs quite significantly as it focuses more on page design and layout than with text composition.

What can I do with Publisher?

Microsoft Publisher has been compared to other desktop publishing software programs, specifically QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign. While these two programs are considered “heavyweights” in the category, Publisher is less expensive than the other two programs. It also is easier to use than the other programs for those who have limit skills in desktop publishing.

Microsoft Publisher is often used by business who do not have a dedicated design professional department to create marketing materials. As such, Publisher has simple tools that can make products that stand out with photos and images.

You can use Publisher’s professional-looking effects for shapes, pictures as well as text. You can also import all of your photos to one canvas in Publisher and then swap them in and out on your layout by simply dragging and dropping them. Another great Desktop Publishing - Publisher - 2feature of Publisher is being able to search your online albums on social media sites such as Flickr and Facebook and directly add the selected pictures to the design, skipping the step of saving them to the desktop first. You can also use your images to make high resolution page backgrounds to give your publication a polished and professional look.

Why should I use Publisher?

There are a few benefits of using Microsoft Publisher. For one, documents are saved to the cloud by default so less worrying of backing up your documents. You can also use the mail merge function that can be found in Microsoft Word tools. With just a few clicks, you can include links and your photos into the familiar mail merge tool to enhance the personalization in emails, cards as well as newsletters. The newest version of Publisher also makes it easier for you to print your publications and photo albums at print shops as it includes the capability of saving all your pages as a common picture format, like JPEG.