What is PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a presentation program that is based on slides. It was launched by Microsoft in 1990 under the Microsoft Office suite of software. The introduction of this software program changed how a lot of people did presentations, as PowerPoint introduced computer presentations with features such as pre-defined effects and transitions.

What can I do with PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is slide presentation software that is commonly used in business and school settings, among other places.The program provides three main types of movement: the entrance, emphasis and exit of elements, transitions (movement between slides) and custom animations (allowing animated pictures to move, enter or exit).

Features of PowerPoint include: incorporation of music throughout the presentation or sound effects on select slides, the ability for the presentation to run continuously like a movie, incorporation of narration, customization to change the order of slides and have slides appear multiple times and the ability to broadcast presentations to specific users.

In the most recent version of PowerPoint, there are a few new features that enhance the functionality of the software program. The Presentations - Powerpoint - 2Presenter View helps the presenter to stay organized and focused behind the scene. The Slide Zoom is another effect which allows you to zoom in on a specific part of your presentation to direct the audience’s attention to your point. The Slide Navigator to switch slides both in and out of sequence and the Auto-Extend function so you can project your presentation to a second screen with ease.

Why should I use PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is presentation software that has been around for years and years. When it was first launched, it changed how presentations are performed and has continued to evolve to its users demands. Features have been added that offer flexibility to the user as well as the ability to create professional presentations with ease. You can simply and easily use PowerPoint to impress clients and colleagues using all of the features included in PowerPoint.