What is Picasa?

Picasa is software owned by Google. It is an image viewer and image organizer which also allows for the editing of digital photos. They also allow collections of  images to be stored in web albums. The software is free and can be used on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

What can I do with Picasa?

Using Picasa, you can organize, view, edit and share your photos. You can import photos from your PC and they will be organized into albums for you. You can also add tags, such as locations where photos were taken and naming people in the photo, which will help you to easily sort your photos.

As for the photo editing component of Picasa, there are basic editing functions you can use. Some of these functions include: cropping, adjusting color, enhancing sharpness, adjusting contrast, applying filters, red eye correction and straightening. You can also use features such as slide shows, reducing file sizes, setting up page layouts and image timelines. Pictures - Picasa - 2

More recent versions of Picasa have a feature that saves the original photo in a hidden folder named “Originals”. In previous versions, changes to the photo made by Picasa overwrote the original file so this is an improved feature.

You can use photos to create movies, screensavers, and posters. All of these different formats can be be viewed and shared in multiple ways online.

Why should I use Picasa?

Picasa offers its users all the tools they need to manage photo collections: You are able to import your photos to and from your PC, organize them into web albums, as well as share them on all Google platforms. All of these functions are easy to do, with just a few clicks and drags.  The editing tools offered by Picasa are also easy to use and it offers all of the basic editing tools you could need.