What is Kobo?

The Kobo e-Reader is a device that allows e-books and other periodicals to be read on it and is manufactured by Kobo Inc. Kobo Inc is actually a Canadian company that produces and markets their e-Readers all over the world. Kobo’s first e-Reader was released in 2010 and has increasingly grown in popularity since then.

What can I do with Kobo?

Kobo e-Readers were first designed and marketed to be a minimalist alternative to more expensive e-Readers. Since it was first released, the e-Reader has evolved and more complex versions have been created. All of the models use an electronic ink screen.

Currently, the Kobo Touch is considered to be the baseline model and has improved over past baseline models. It has an infrared touchscreen, a fast processor which is capable of panning smoothly through PDF documents, wi-fi capability and a reduced weight and size. Another model is the Kobo Mini that is smaller and lighter than other standard e-Book readers.  All Kobo e-Readers come with 100 public domain titles pre-loaded onto it, so right out of the box users will have books available for reading. 

Kobo e-Readers have a variety of features that interests users. The touchscreen allows users to touch, tap and read. Users can zoom in or out, pan around images and change the page orientation with just a tap or swipe. You can choose how you want to flip E-book - Kobo - 2the pages in your e-book with SimpleTurn. The TypeGenius allows users to fully customize the e-Reader’s look by choosing from the 10 font styles and 24 font sizes.  

Why should I use Kobo?

One main advantage of using Kobo e-Readers is that there are over four million e-books to choose from and they are all accessible with the built-in wi-fi. Another advantage is that with the free Kobo e-Reading app, users can sync their library with other electronic devices so you can read your e-book from any of your devices. The newer Kobo e-Readers come with a no glare screen so it can be read even in bright places. Kobos are also expandable by adding in an SD card so you can store up to thirty thousand e-books at once.