What is Keynote?

Keynote is Apple’s presentation software application. The newest version of Keynote was launched in late 2013 and is for the Mac. There is also a version for iOS, with a touch interface, so the software application can now be used on all Apple devices. Keynote allows you to create presentations designed to impress your audience.

What can I do with Keynote?

As there are two versions of Keynote presentation software (one for Mac as well as iOS), it can be used on any Apple device – iPhone, iPad or Macintosh personal computers. Keynote is relatively simple to use and has an easy interface. Keynote

has visual tools that are very easy to use. You can drop in videos or photos into the presentation or even add picture frames. You can also transform your data into interactive charts. Some of the types of charts include: bubble, pie, column, scatter and bar charts. By adding in some animation in the charts, you can easily add visual impact so that the charts are interactive and will help to focus the audience’s attention on important aspects.

Keynote also features transitions that are of cinema quality. There are over thirty of these transitions and other effects to choose Presentations - Keynote - 2from that will greatly enhance the objects and texts in your presentation. Also included in the newest version of Keynote are presentation themes designed by Apple. There are thirty designs to choose from that will give your presentation a professional and polished look.

Why should I use Keynote?

Keynote has a few advantages over other presentation software. For one, you can work on both iOS and Mac devices. With iCloud, you can create and edit your presentation on any of your Apple devices and it will automatically save it so it can accessed on all of your devices. It is also compatible with PowerPoint so you can work on presentations with those who use the other software program. It is also easy to share the presentation by link, sending a copy or sharing online through Facebook or Twitter.