iTunes for Podcast

iTunes for Podcast

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a popular media player plus a mobile device management application and media library. It was developed by Apple and has been in existence for many years. Users can launch iTunes to download, play as well as organize digital video and audio files on electronic devices that run either OS X or Windows operating systems.

What can I do with iTunes?

One of the many tasks that can be performed using iTunes is that you can play and listen to podcasts. Many people subscribe to podcasts from radio shows that are available on the internet. The podcaster updates the podcasts with episodes that you can subscribe to.

You can download the podcast and listen to them through iTunes.

The iTunes store has a number of podcasts available in their library. Users of iTunes can select a podcast to listen to, download the episode and then either listen to the podcast if it is audio or watch the podcast if it is video. These podcasts can be streamed over a cellular network or WiFi connection. These podcasts can be played on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Using an iOS device, users of iTunes can also sync the podcasts they subscribe to directly to their iTunes library.Podcast - iTunes - 2

An enhanced podcast includes additional features such as photos and chapter marks. iTunes supports enhanced podcasts and a menu icon will appear that allows you to display the artwork and chapter marks.

Why should I use iTunes?

One of the reasons iTunes is so popular for listening to podcasts is because iTunes has an extensive selection of podcasts to choose from – over 3,ooo. Another bonus is that all of these podcasts in the iTunes Podcast Directory are free. It is also quite easy to share podcasts that you think a friend might be interested in by just a drag and a few clicks. iTunes supports most of the common file formats, meaning you can listen to pretty much any podcast available.