iTunes for Music

iTunes for Music

What is iTunes?

iTunes was first developed by Apple Inc back in 2000. iTunes is a media player as well as a media library and a mobile device management software application. iTunes can be used to play, organize and download both digital video and audio files. It can be used on both Apple and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

What can I do with iTunes?

iTunes can do many things however, one primary use is a media player for music files.  iTunes is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod so you can listen to music from iTunes on any of your mobile devices.

By using the iTunes store, you can purchase music and music videos and download them onto your iPod or other device. iTunes has a virtual library of music that users can access and select music from.

The most recent version of iTunes can read, write as well as convert between WAV, MP3, MPEG-4 and AIFF file formats. iTunes canMusic - iTunes - 2 play any of the audio files that QuickTime can play. You can also import CDs into your iTunes library. As well, you can import other digital audio files as long as it is a format that is supported by iTunes. There is also a feature called Genius, which automatically generates playlists of songs from the library which shares a likeness with the selected song. The Genius playlists are made up with filters and ratings.

Why should I use iTunes?

iTunes is a great software application for playing music. It is very accessible and can be easily downloaded for your iPod or other electronic device. It is also very easy to purchase and download music. There is a huge selection of music in the iTunes library that users can choose from. One benefit of using iTunes is that a user’s library on iTunes can be share using s local network. This is a great feature for some people.