What is iPhoto?

iPhoto is digital photo manipulation software that was first released by Apple in 2002. It was originally only available on Macintosh computers but Apple has now expanded its availability to include all Apple devices. The iPhoto application allows users to easily import, edit, organize, share and print their digital photos.

What can I do with iPhoto?

With iPhoto users can perform a variety of functions with their photos to make them even better and can share them easily with just a few clicks. Great features of iPhoto include importing, editing, organizing, printing and sharing photos.

style="line-height: 1.5em;">There are 2 current versions of iPhoto – one for Macintosh personal computers (OS X) and the other for iOS. The iOS version is for use on the iPhone, iPod Touch and of course, the iPad. 

The OS X version allows users to import photos from their digital cameras, storage devices (USB drives, CDs etc) as well as hard drives. The photos can then be saved to the user’s iPhoto library. After importing the photos, you can title and label them so they can be organized into “events” (which are groups). At this point, photos can also be manipulated using basic editing tools like brightness and contrast adjustments, resizing and cropping, and red eye filters. This version of iPhoto can create photo products such as cards, calendars, books, journals and prints. There are also different options for sharing the photos you create. Albums can Pictures - iPhoto - 2be made into slideshows with music imported from iTunes and then can be shared through iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, Mail and Flickr.

The iOS version of iPhoto has very similar features as the OS X version. iPhoto will organize photos that were synced from the electronic device. Unfortunately this version does not have tools for creating more complex photo products like its OS X counterpart. but it can create Photo Journal which can be uploaded to iCloud for viewing.

Why should I use iPhoto?

iPhoto has many benefits to using the software. The iPhoto application includes popular editing tools such as basic photo effects, color correction, cropping and straightening tools. The iOS version has received praise for its good performance and compatibility, as well as its professional tools. Also, iPhoto offers a wide range of photo products to turn your photos into fun or professional works of art. Similar photo manipulation software do not include photo product options like web journals and posters.