What is Instagram?

In a nutshell, Instagram is a fun and fast way to share photos and videos of those treasured moments with family and friends. It was first launched in late 2010 and has become a very popular application to edit photos, share videos and photos both online and through your social networks.

What can I do with Instagram?

With Instagram you can take photos and videos, use filters to transform the images’ looks and then post the finished product. Chances are Instagram is available on your electronic devices as it is available for Android devices, Apple products (including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), Windows phones as well as other smartphones such as Blackberry 10.

After you take a video or photo, just upload the images into your Instagram account. You can then choose from a number of different digital photographic filters in the tray to transform them. Once you have your photos and videos looking just how you want, it is time to share them. By posting your images to Instagram, you can share them with as many family and friends as you Pictures - Instagram - 2would like, or you can share them through your social media networks. The social media networking services supported by Instagram include: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Instagram offers web profiles that allows users to use their account similar to a social media site.

Instagram also has an initiative called the “Weekend Hashtag Project” which designates a theme every Friday and participants are encouraged to post their photos taken from the week according to the designated theme.

Why should I use Instagram?

Instagram has many features that benefits its users. For one thing, Instagram is completely free. You just go on the Google Play store or the Apple App store and download the appropriate version. Then you can start using it. It is as simple as that. The features that Instagram offers are useful to its clients. Changes are made regularly, taking into consideration user requests. One such feature is the Instagram Direct which allows sharing of photos to only a specific group of people, instead of it being able to be viewed by everyone.