Google Plus

Google Plus

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus (or Google+) is owned by Google Inc and is an online social networking service. According to Google, Google+ is not just a social networking site but is considered an authorship tool that allows web content to be associated directly with its author/owner. It has been touted to be the second largest social networking site, following Facebook.

What can I do with Google Plus?

Google+ was first launched in 2011 and quickly became the most popular free app in Apple’s App Store. There are currently more than 359 million active users each month and there are more than one billion enabled Google+ accounts.

This social media site has quickly become popular and it is easy to see how, considering all of the things users can do with their Google+ account.

“Circles” is considered to be a core feature in the Google+ platform. With Circles, users can organize people into lists and groups for sharing purposes. Family can be separated so they can see more personal content including photos and work-themed content can be shared with work colleagues. The “Stream” feature allows users to see updates from other users in their Circles. In the Stream photos and videos can be uploaded. “Hangouts” is a relatively new feature in Google+ and it allows for communication between users. Free video conferencing can be performed with up to 10 other users. This function can be performed through the Google+ Social Media - Google Plus - 2mobile application or the website. Other apps are able to be used inside Hangouts and allows for users to share documents between each other.

Why should I use Google Plus?

Considering the numerous features Google+ has, it is easy to understand how Google+ can be such a popular social networking service in across the globe. Gogle+ is constantly adding new features like the “View Counter” that was recently added. This feature allows users to see how many times the user’s profile, including photos, has been viewed by others. With Google+, other Google enhanced products easy to be used at the same time, such as Gmail and YouTube.