Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

What is Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is a video chat as well as an instant messaging platform that was developed by Google. Hangouts was launched in 2013 and was designed to replace other Google messaging products. These products were Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Google Hangouts. Google has also integrated some of the Google Voice capabilities into Hangouts.

What can I do with Google Hangouts?

Due to competition from other messaging services, Google recently chose to integrate a few of their messaging services into one application – Google Hangouts. Hangouts allows users to have conversations with two or more users. Group chat functions are able to be performed between two and ten users at one


There are certain functions within chat conversations in Google Hangouts that users can perform. Photos can now be shared in chat conversations – a new feature. These photos are automatically uploaded into the user’s private Google+ album. Color emoji symbols can also be used in instant messages.

Google Hangouts can be accessed online through the Google+ websites or through Gmail. It can also be accessed through various mobile apps that are available for both iOS and Android operating systems. A good feature of Google Hangouts is that chat historiesInstant Messaging - Google Hangouts -2 can be synced across devices as they are saved online. In the most recent version of Android, Hangouts has integrated with text messages, allowing one unified place to find sent and received messages. In other versions of Android, the user can choose whether to open the SMS function upon downloading the current version of Hangouts.

Why should I use Google Hangouts?

Google has combined the features of three different communication methods into one instant messaging application. Users get the benefits of all of the three programs in one easy to use software application. The addition of photo capabilities is a plus for using Google Hangouts. Another plus is being able to use the group chats and even group video chatting with up to ten people at one time. The fact that Google Hangouts conversations can be synced across all of your electronic devices is a strength of the program.