What is Facetime?

Facetime is Apple’s version of a voice-over-internet protocol service. Facetime was only released in late 2010 so it is a fairly recent program. The program can run on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. The video component of Facetime is supported on any iOS device with a camera that is forward facing and the audio component is supported on iOS 7 and newer.

What can I do with Facetime?

Facetime allows communication through video and voice over the internet. With only a quick tap on your iPad or iPhone you can have a video chat from anywhere (the car, work, the gym and so on), to anyone with Facetime on their Apple device.

You can also just tell Siri, Apple’s built-in intelligent personal assistant, to Facetime with one of your contacts and before you know it, you are chatting away.

Apple touts that Facetime allows you to be in two places at once as it is so easy to use to video chat. You can be a part of those special family moments, even if you are on the other side of the world. Another feature of Facetime is that you can switch from talking to video chatting by clicking on Facetime while you are in a conversation.

Video Chat - Facetime - 2

The two cameras in the iPhone and iPad allow you to be able to switch between different scenes while in a video chat. For instance, you can toggle to the second camera if you want to show something happening behind you. The cameras also allow you to use both landscape and portrait views.

Keep in mind that Facetime is only compatible with Apple devices – you will not be able to use Facetime with non-Apple devices.

Why should I use Facetime?

Facetime is quite user-friendly and simple to use. Facetime will work right after you take your Apple device out of the box. Very little set up is required, nor do you need to have a separate account. Facetime calls are easy to be placed from one supported device to any email address or phone number that has been registered to the Facetime service. Another feature is that multiple devices can be registered to one email address and whenever that address is called, Facetime will ring on all of the devices at the same time.