Facebook for Social Media

Facebook for Social Media

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking service that is online. It was founded in 2004 but was limited in who could access it. Now the social media site operates worldwide, with over 1 billion active users. Before a user can use the site, they must register for the service. After registering, people can start their social networking experience.

What can I do with Facebook?

Upon registering with Facebook, users can create a personal profile which will be viewed by others. They can also add “friends” which are other users. Users can also receive automatic notifications when they update their profiles.

Users can also join “groups” that share their interests or are organized by school, college or other characteristics. Friends can be categorized into groups such as “Close Friends” or “People From Work”. There is also a “News Feed” which appears on each user’s homepage. This feed highlights the user’s information such as profile changes, friends’ birthdays and upcoming events.

Blogging features have also been added to the social media site. This blogging feature allows tags and images to be embedded. Users may also import blogs from other blogging services such as LiveJournal, Blogger and Xanga. Instant messaging has also been added as a feature for users and it has become a popular method of communications between users. Facebook also has a feature Facebook's Influence In Consumer Consumption Of News Growingthat allows its users to send virtual “gifts” to their friends for $1.00. These “gifts” will appear on the recipient’s profile and a personal message can be attached to the “gift”.

Why should I use Facebook?

Facebook is constantly changing and improving their features for the users. One such change is the App Center which helps a user find games as well as other applications much more easily. Another great feature of Facebook is the many methods of communication and that regardless of the method used, all the messages are stored in one unified inbox that can be easily accessible by mobile device, computer or other electronic device. A “Subscribe” button was also introduced which allows users to subscribe to public posting without the need to add them as a friend.