Facebook for Instant Messaging

Facebook for Instant Messaging

What is Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social networking site across the world. It is a free service and is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, regardless of where they are. Facebook is available in 37 languages and is easily accessible by people all over the world.

What can I do with Facebook?

Facebook’s popularity has increased significantly over recent years. Considering the features and services Facebook offers, it is easy to understand its popularity. Facebook is available on most electronic devices, including phones, personal computers and tablets. Facebook offers public features such as: Marketplace where members can post, view and respond to classified adds, Events where members can create an event, invite guests and view who plans to attend the events, Groups which allows members to find other members who share common interests and Pages which allows members to create as well as promote public pages that are built around a specific topic.

Through Presence Technology, members can see who from their contacts are online and chat with them.

Facebook Instant Messaging allows you to chat with other Facebook members for free, just as if you were texting them. It is a reliable service that you can use to chat with one or more other Facebook members. You can access your instant message without Instant Messaging - Facebook - 2having to open your Facebook account and it allows you to chat while you are using other applications. You can even create groups for those users you chat with the most. Photos can be sent privately within the conversation and you can use “stickers” in your chats.

Why should I use Facebook?

Facebook offers many different communication methods that makes it easy to stay in touch with other users. With the instant messaging component of Facebook, you can stayed logged in so that you will never miss a message and can turn off notifications when you don’t want them. Group chats are also possible, which is a great way to make plans. There is even a notification so you know when people have seen your message. A newer feature of communication in Facebook is that you can make free calls to other users over WiFi.