What is is a company that provides an audio book service. This company touts that its service combines books and technology with innovation. Book lovers can now take their favorite books anywhere with their electronic device, provided they have an internet connection. This audio book service works on laptops, personal computers, smartphones and tablets.

What can I do with provides an audio book service that is available on Apple and Droid electronic devices. has more than 40,000 audiobooks available to be listened to. Users can choose from classics, bestsellers, award-winners, romance, young adult, plus many more genres. There

are different ways to find audiobooks on the website. You can browse the library, glance at what other members are listening to or check out the site’s recommendations.

There are two ways to listen to the audiobooks. You can stream or download the audiobooks onto your tablet or smartphone. First, just download the free application for either Android or iOS onto your electronic device.  If you want to listen to an audiobook on your laptop or computer, you can easily download or stream the book. The latest versions of common web browsers are Audiobooks - 2supported: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. There is a combined “Preview and Play” button which allows users to listen to a selected piece of the audiobook before committing to it. The preview is usually about 3 minutes long  and you can press stop at any time or press continue to download the audiobook.

Why should I use

There are a few advantages of using over other audiobook websites. For one, there is no restrictions on canceling your membership – it can be canceled at any time. Also, the website operates with book credits. One credit equals one audiobook to stream or download. With the basic membership you can listen to one audiobook a month – if you want to listen to more, just purchase another book credit. Another bonus of is that you never lose your place in an audiobook – you can start a book on your laptop, then listen on your smartphone without looking your place.