Amazon MP3 Store

Amazon MP3 Store

What is Amazon MP3 Store?

Amazon MP3 Store is operated by the popular site It is a music store only offered online. It was originally launched in 2007 and is known as the initial store to sell music that did not have digital rights management. This included four major music labels: Sony BMG, Warner Music, EMI and Universal.

What can I do with Amazon MP3 Store?

The Amazon MP3 Store is limited to geographical area. The Amazon MP3 Store is available  for US customers to purchase music. The Amazon MP3 catalog of music is extensive and is accessible through the

website. Users of the site can search by artist’s name or song title. offers its own downloading application, called Amazon MP3 Downloader, which is not necessarily required to purchase and download music. Users of Amazon MP3 Downloader can download tracks with it and it is required in order to purchase albums. This downloading software is available for both Windows and Mac.

The Amazon MP3 Store application is available for Android operating system and Blackberry. If you use this application, you can download albums and individual tracks on your mobile phone over a WiFi network.Businessman Relaxing On Train Listening To Music

doubleTwist is a media management application and is available for Windows and Mac OS X. This application has the Amazon MP3 store integrated into it which allows users to search, sync and buy MP3s to non-Apple devices.

Why should I use Amazon MP3 Store?

One significant benefit of the Amazon MP3 Store is the Amazon Cloud Player. The Amazon Cloud Player is an application that is integrated into the MP3 Store and is available within the Android and iOS application. The Amazon Cloud Player enables users to not only play their music from any supported web browser but also to store their music. This is a great feature for users to have. Another feature is it allows as many as 10 devices to be authorized on one account.